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Shade Cloth 101 (Part 2)

nursery shade put up shade cloth shade screen

Once you have decided you need to shade something, the next decision is how to put the shade cloth up.  Remember that the biggest reason shade cloth fails is it flaps in the wind.  Keep your shade cover tight and it should last for several years.

Raw Shade Fabric:  You can purchase raw shade fabric and put it up yourself.  The easiest way is to attach the fabric directly to a wooden or metal pipe structure.  Fold the fabric edge under several times to strengthen it.  Either use screws and washers to attach the shade fabric to your structure, or cover the edge with wood or metal lath to help anchor it.  Remember to pull the fabric tight and secure it on all four sides.

Finished Shade Cover:  We custom fabricate covers to the size you need.  They are hemmed and have grommets placed on all four sides.  All you need to do is lace your finished cover up to your structure.  When ordering your custom cover, be sure to tell us if the measurement is for the framework, or the tarp itself, as a small gap needs to be allowed for tightening your cover up.  And check out our inventory of stock sizes - save time and money if one of your stock shade covers will work for you.

Installed Shade Cover:  Arizona Bag and Shade has been erecting support structures and shade covers for 15 years.  Ranging from backyard patios to large municipal projects, we can do the complete job for you.  Please check out our portfolio for ideas and contact us for a free estimate.  We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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