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Sand Bags

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$ 2.53
Please contact us for pricing on volume purchases. 

Sand bags are used to control flooding. We offer 3 types of sand bags:

  • White woven polypro are standard white woven plastic sand bags. Ours have 1600 hours of UVI and the 14" x 26" come with a tie string.
  • Burlap bags are biodegradable. When they eventually rot away, they leave a pile of sand but no plastic fibers. They also have a tie string.
  • We make our heavy barricade bag here in Phoenix, from a strong cloth. This bag is used for construction barricades as well as flooding because they are so strong. If you are storing bags to be used and then put away for the next flood, this is the one to choose.  It does not have a tie string attached.

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