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Knives for Field & Harvesting

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$ 2.90

We offer several type of knives used in the field by the agriculture industry. Please note that high carbon steel blades hold their edge very well, but are susceptible to rust if put away wet.

  • The #150 Grape Knife has a curved blade for hooking vines or cutting into something like sod.
  • The #4015.5 Lettuce Knife (high carbon steel) is used for harvesting lettuce and broccoli.
  • The #413S Lettuce Knife has a stainless steel blade and plastic handle, for food safety.
  • The #75-5.5 Cotton Sample Knife (high carbon steel) is used for sampling cotton bales.
  • Try our 18" Machette for work on Palm Trees or brush. This is a high quality knife from Corona Clipper.

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