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A needle in a hay stack

cover hay hay stack hay tarp

You won't need a needle in your hay stack when you use an Arizona Bag Company Hay Tarp!  If you are tired of cheap poly tarps that tear in the first wind, try our Hay Tarps and throw that needle out.  You won't need to repair these for a long time.

hay stack covered with Hay Tarp 

Protect your hay with a heavy tarp that is specially made for use on hay stacks.  The fabric is a stout 6.1 ounce UVI treated poly fabric.  It is rated at 200 lb./in tensile strength and treated for long outdoor life.  The silver/grey outside reflects light and the black underside helps prevent greenhousing.

tie down detail for Hay Tarp

There is a rope encased in the hem to strengthen it, and the teeth of the spur grommets are set into 5 layers of fabric.  The versatile hem has webbing loops for use with a pipe and the grommets accommodate rope or other tie downs.

Our manufacturer has been making hay tarps for over 35 years - they are a proven fabricator.  Even in our desert Southwest, these hay tarps will last several years for you.  Order yours now and be ready for the next storm!

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