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frost cloth

Winter weather has finally hit the Valley of the Sun, but it is not too late to save your frost-tender flowers and landscape plants.  Our Frost Cloth is the answer.

Agrofabric Frost Cloth is a fabric designed to help trap warmth around your plants.  It can provide up to 6 degrees of additional heat by trapping the warmth radiating from the soil.  That means if the temperature gets down to 28 degrees, your plants will be kept from freezing.  The secret is to be sure the Frost Cloth drapes down to the ground, to catch all the heat it can.

No matter the size of your garden, we have the right size Frost Cloth for you:  15 ft x 24 ft Retail Pieces for the home garden and 15 ft x 250 ft rolls for the professional.  Note that the master rolls are folded down to just 5 ft on the core, to make them easy to ship and handle.  Visit our web page for more information and pricing.  We can also special order other sizes and fabric weights to meet your needs.

Chances are there is still a big, cold winter storm in our future this January - be prepared!

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