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April Showers bring.............

nursery shade shade screen

April showers may bring May flowers elsewhere in the country, but here in the desert South West, May usually means the start of hot, sunny weather that is going to fry your flowers!  The solution to this problem is nursery shade cloth, and we have it for you.

While we are not garden experts to know just what shade fabric you need (your local nurseryman or the Cooperative Extension Service for your area can help you more), we can offer some suggestions about shade percentages.

Early in the spring, we are asked most often for very light shade, such as 30% or 40%.  As the weather heats up, and the days lengthen, that increases to 40% to 50%.  And at the height of the summer, when the afternoon sun is a scorcher, 50% to 60% is the most common for plants.

Throughout the year, 80 to 95% shade is the best for covering people, pets and livestock.

So whether you need a light shade for your veggies, or a heavy shade for your patio, keep us in mind for either raw shade fabric, a convenient standard sized cover we keep in stock, or a custom sewn shade cover.

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