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Need a Truck Tarp?

If you have a tarping system on your truck, you are going to love our stock tarps.  They are available in several common sizes, and the quality is top of the line.

We fabricate our tarps here, out of several types of fabrics.  "Tote" is a very strong, closely woven fine mesh fabric.  "Multi-Mesh" is a vinyl coated fiber with a slightly larger mesh opening.  "Trampoline" is made from a tight, flat fiber.

On our tarps, the "nose" consists of a spline in a reinforced hem.  To attach the tarp, either slide the spline into your tarp housing, or bolt through the 5 grommets in the heavy duty hem.

The "tail" has a pipe pocket reinforced with vinyl fabric, and of course a grommet for a pull rope.  There is also a grommet through which a bolt can attach to the pipe, to keep the tarp from shifting from side to side.  And, the last 18" of the tarp is double-thick fabric, to help protect against wear.  Compare all that to our competitors!  Of course our tarps can be used with either a hand-pull or electric-arm type of system.

And if one of our stock tarps will not fit your truck, just let us know what size you do need and we will custom make it for you.

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