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Old School Tarps

Tarping systems are very popular these days, for an easy way to tarp your load.  But if you don't have a system, old school tarps with grommets will do the trick.

Our standard truck tarps are hemmed on all 4 sides (our hems are 3 layers of fabric for extra strength), with grommets spaced 2 feet apart.  We only use "spur grommets", which have teeth to bite and hold the fabric.  Our #3 grommets have a 1/2" opening, perfect for tarp straps.

We fabricate our tarps from 4 different fabrics:  Tote, Multi-Mesh and Trampoline are also used on system tarps.  Nylon Mesh is used only for hand tarps.  It is a flexible fabric which is great on soft materials such as sawdust, cotton or live plants.  All of these fabrics allow the wind to pass through the tarp, lessening the amount of flapping it does while traveling.

In general, we recommend a tarp size 2 ft wider and 2 ft longer than your truck.  This will allow for covering something heaped up in the truck, while still giving you enough tarp to overhang and tie down on the sides.

Please check out our listing of stock tarps, or let us know if we can custom sew one for you.

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