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Truck Tarping Systems from Shurco & Arizona Bag Company

truck tarp system

For ease and convenience in covering your load, a Truck Tarping System can't be beat!

Shurco/Donovan Universal Truck Tarping System

As a Shurco/Donovan distributor, we stock two types of truck tarping systems.  The Donovan 2000SR is a pull over system, which is easy to install and easy to use.  It has a "one size fits all" expandable tarp housing and telescopic aluminum roller bar.  Just extend it to the proper width of your truck or trailer, and install.  Simply pull the rope to extend the tarp.  This system has automatic spring return to roll the tarp up.  There are no pivot arms or external springs to damage.

Shurco/Donovan Bullet Electric Truck Tarping System

Need an automatic tarping system?  The Donovan Bullet # 2858 is a premium choice.  it features high gloss aluminum front to rear pivot arms for dump bodies up to 23 ft long, and includes a Durabuilt direct drive motor and cab mount Durabuilt solenoid switch.  Donovan provides a 3-year full replacement warranty on the motor.

We can also order replacement parts for other Donovan units.  Please contact us for more information.

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