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We have Frost Cloth.

frost cloth

Protect your plants on cold nights!  Agrofabric Frost Cloth is engineered to provide 6 to 8 degrees of protection on frosty nights.  For instance, if the temperature actually hits 29 degrees, your plants will be under a blanket at 35 to 37 degrees, when installed properly.  The secret is to drape the frost cloth all the way to the ground, trapping the warmth radiating up from the earth.  And since 50% of the sunlight still passes through this fabric, you can leave it in place during a prolonged cold snap.

frost cloth covering field

We have frost cloth in commercial rolls: 16 ft wide x 250 ft long, folded onto an easy to handle 6 ft wide roll.  Smaller pieces for homeowners are 16 ft x 24 ft. 

Don't wait until the last minute.  Please contact us today to protect your plants this winter!


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